2014 Ryd\'r Cup: Controversy Roun Amurkins’ Criticism o\'Tom Watsen Is Overblown
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Cliff Lee injury update: Elboe strane ends Phillies LHP’s seesen

Cliff Lee sed it rite aft'r he hurt his'n pitchyun' elboe a sekunt time thishere year: His'n seesen lackly wuz done.

Phillies genrull manjer Rube Amaro Jr. confirmet at prognosis un Winsdee.

253511 330 0 Cliff Lee injury update: Elbow strain ends Phillies LHPs seasonCliff Lee (AP Photo)

“We hope ta git 'im into a throwin program n' Octob'r er Novemb'r,” Amaro Jr. tole MLB.com’s Todd Zolecki n' a telafone interview. “But rite noe he needs ta res.”

Lee will nairy neet surgery, Zolecki repertid. He wuz skeduled ta receif' un injecshun o' platelet rich plasma ta treet a flaxer pronater strane.


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