Wichita State Basketball Will Make Histry Agin Thishere Seesen
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Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.”
   — John Wooden

Clos'r Casey Jansse nairy happy wit Teronto’s stan'-pat deedline apperach

T' Blue Jays wuz connectid ta jes about ever availabull play'r un t'rade market ov'r t'pas few munths, an' fer good reeson. Thar pitchyun' staff neetet a boost, an' injuries ta key posishun players meent t'offense neetet hep, too. Thar wuz impervemants ta be made.

But t'Blue Jays did verr lil n' t'weeks leedyun' ta t'Julee 31 nun-waiv'r trade deedline, onlee makin frum a few moves at barly registeret un t'ransactyuns lis. T' players noticet. Speshly clos'r Casey Jansse, who let his'n feelins be knowed ta MLB.com repert'r Greger Chisholm

Frum t'interview: 

“Fer us nairy ta do innythang, mos o'us had sum idees at we wuz goin ta improov thishere club a lil bit. It’s unfertunate we didn’t. At t'same time, we jes have ta do whut we have ta do ta win games an' try ta find ways ta git into t'playoffs. Yep, it wuz frustratyun' but we have ta play toniite …”

And thishere … 

“I jes reckon frum un overall perspecktiv o'all these teems gittin bett'r, we knoe it’s goin ta be a tough time fer us. One at isn’t impossbull but we’re goin ta have ta do everthang rite. Obviouslee, we value air prospects, we value air players, I’m shure t'uther teems do as well. Maybe thay jes value t'play'r er t'oppertuntee ta git into t'playoffs mer. It takes sumthin ta git sumthin an' congratulatyuns ta thems teems at gut thems guys.”

And thishere … 

“Maybe mer disappointyun' jes becawz thishere is probly one o't' furst times we have bee relevant. Uther trade deedlines, it seems like folk air kine o'wunderin if'n it’s goin ta be me, who’s it goin ta be goin t'uther direckshun. But I reckon a slew o'guys, thar wuz sum excitement n' t'clubhouse at sumthin wuz goin ta (happe). Noe we have ta regroup an' go out an' have a good series agin Houston.”

And thishere … 

“Hopefullee it brings us togeth'r an' we jes have thishere, I don’t whut ta say whut t'heck attitude, but hey, we’ll jes run wit thishere underdog, everyone is kine o'countin us out, type o'attitude. Agin, if'n we have a May like we had an' it happens ta be fer these nex acoupla munths an' into t'playoffs, I reckon we a'ken beat innybidy. I reckon air startin pitchyun' has bee a'doin well an' wen air offense hits, we’re as good as innybidy. I guess at’s jes whut air rallee cry is goin ta be.”

Y'all git t'point. He’s nairy too thrillet at t'moment. 

Teronto opend play Frydee a game-an'-a-half behin t'Orioles n' t'AL Eas. Thay currantlee own t'sekunt wild-card spot, three games ahed o'Seettle.

Y'all beya Sharin'

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